Spindle Services in Stratford

Because they operate as the hearts of many critical machines across a wide array of industries, spindles must be well-designed and properly constructed.

If you're implementing broken or inefficient spindles in your production equipment, you risk decreasing productivity and running up operational costs, which can cost your business some serious money.

Colonial Tool Group can handle all manners of spindle design, repair and rebuilding, as we've been on the cutting-edge of the tool for nearly a century. If you operate in Stratford, Ontario, we will work diligently to provide unique solutions that deliver on the high standard we set for ourselves.

We Offer a Unique Approach to Spindle Design

Spindle design requires meticulous planning and precise machining, as they can be customized and altered to fit a wide range of different uses, big and small. However, it all starts with a single step, and we implement a unique philosophy that focuses on one of the most important aspects of spindles first and foremost: the rigidity.

Maximizing the rigidity of a spindle at its operating speed is vital, as the magnitude of elastic deformation under load heavily influences the productivity and accuracy of the tool.

Spindle Gears.jpg

If you need spindle design in Stratford, we promise unique solutions to your problems. We will apply an optimization program to your project, which will consider tooling loads, speeds, type of bearing, lubrication, envelope size and other requirements to maximize rigidity, life and cost.

You can customize a wide range of different features, including seals, bearings and mounting interfaces.

We Can Handle All Kinds of Spindle Repairs and Rebuilds

We specialize in spindle design, but we also acknowledge it can be a costly process that might not always be viable for some businesses. If you need spindle repair and rebuilds in Stratford, Colonial Tool will gladly get your tools back into running shape.

We use careful expertise, state-of-the-art technology and an established 19-step plan, which includes careful analysis of each component and a variety of performance tests. While we will be thorough, the process will also be quick and precise to guarantee swift turnaround times.

We also handle full and partial rebuilds, which we determine through disassembling the product, recording our process along the way and running tests. We will draft a detailed report that outlines our findings and recommends the best cost option. We care about your wallet just as much as the quality of your product, which is why we conduct lengthy research to find the best parts at the most competitive price.

Contact Colonial Tools for Spindle Services in Stratford

Our robust and knowledgeable staff, which consists of engineers, assemblers and many other specialists, will collaborate with you until you receive a satisfactory experience. Contact us today to receive a quote on your next spindle service in Stratford.