Toshiba Machine Tools Service

Do you rely on Toshiba CNC milling or injection molding tools in your machine shop? Are you confident in the service you are currently receiving for your Toshiba machine tools? Look no further than Colonial Tool Group for timely repairs for all types of Toshiba CNC machines. We also have the capabilities to perform expert rebuilding, remanufacturing and retrofitting of your Toshiba equipment.

About Toshiba Machine

Toshiba Machine is a leading manufacturer of CNC machines, injection molding equipment and machine tools for a diverse range of industries including IT, Opticals, Semiconductors and Automotive. 

The extensive Toshiba Machine product line includes horizontal machining centers, boring machines, roll grinders and vertical boring and turning mills, to name a few. All Toshiba CNC machines are designed and engineered to the highest standards for quality and longevity. 

Toshiba Machine Tool Repair Service

When your Toshiba CNC milling machine or other equipment breaks down, make your first call to CTGI — we can perform all types of major and minor repair jobs. Our team is familiar with the inner workings of all Toshiba machines — we can accurately detect any machine tool issue. We focus on turning around all repair projects as quickly as possible so you can keep your tight production schedules on track.

Toshiba Machine Rebuilding Services

Rebuilding Toshiba machine tools offers a cost-effective solution for restoring the equipment to like-new condition. Rebuilding prevents the costly duplication of properly working parts when purchasing a new machine — we keep the “good” parts and only rebuild what is necessary.

Retrofitting of Toshiba CNC Machines

Retrofitting a Toshiba CNC machine provides an excellent remedy when the machine is mechanically sound except for a malfunctioning CNC control. Retrofitting “modernizes” the machine, enabling it to operate with greater efficiency. It’s typically the best choice for increasing the usefulness and lifespan of machines with outdated technology.

Toshiba Machine Tool Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing is a more complex, in-depth process than rebuilding or retrofitting. The manufacturing process incorporates both these methods as part of a comprehensive machine redesign. A properly executed remanufacture will result in a totally upgraded machine at about half of the cost of a brand-new machine.

Colonial Tool Group: The Smart Choice for Your Toshiba Machine Tool Service Needs

Whether your needs call for repairing, rebuilding, retrofitting or remanufacturing your Toshiba machine tools, CTGI has the expertise and equipment to do the job right. While other companies may charge less for machine services, we’ll provide the best long-term return for your money — the high quality of our services significantly reduces the likelihood of another machine failure in the future. 

Contact Us the Next Time You Need Reliable Toshiba CNC Machine Service

Your machines are the backbone of your business — don’t trust their service to just anyone. The next time you need fast, cost-effective service for your Toshiba CNC machine tools, contact the experts at Colonial Machine Group. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote. Put our more than 80 years of experience to work for your company!