Spindle Services in Windsor

A variety of different plants, manufacturers and CNC machining shops utilize tools that rely on spindles to function at a high level. If you run a business in the Windsor, Ontario, area, and believe you need improved spindles to increase productivity and efficiency, Colonial Tool Group can gladly assist you. Not only are we a multinational expert in the industry with branches throughout North America, but our headquarters sits conveniently on Walker Road in Windsor.

We aim to deliver high-quality services through cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise. We can complete an array of repairs, and we also offer rebuilds and retrofitting.

Benefits of Spindle Repair in Windsor

If the hearts of your essential technology — like lathes, mills and grinders — are failing, you can take advantage of our 24/7 services to avoid possibly significant downtime and other potential consequences.

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When you partner with us, some of the benefits you'll receive include:

  • Keeping Downtime to a Minimum: Businesses that utilize spindles often need their machines to run frequently to keep their business running smoothly. Progressive wear can cause a spindle's performance to falter, and the unit might experience slower operations or even break down. Thanks to how consistently available we make ourselves, we will promptly complete repairs and send the spindles back to you before they make a noticeable impact in your overall production.

  • Reducing Your Operational Costs: Spindles are complex units, so broken or warped units can often run for a while before issues start to crop up. When the spindles aren't running at full capacity, neither is the machine, which makes it slower and less efficient. We'll return your device's functionality to where it needs to be, so you don't have to deal with hampered production or higher operational costs.

  • Getting the Best Value Around: Durability is an essential aspect of our working philosophy. One reason for our steady growth over the years is our commitment to producing reliable work, so we will implement every measure possible to ensure long-term performance. We also care about your budget, so you will receive a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for parts we can use to fix the spindle. We will then move forward with your approval.

With our central facility so close to you, we can quickly handle repairs for metal-cutting, belt-driven or electric spindles. We have worked with an extensive range of brands, so you can feel confident in our ability to fix any spindle you send us. We implement a meticulous, 19-step plan for every project, which allows us to analyze every ounce of performance data from your spindle.

We check the motor, housing, shaft and other critical components to produce an inspection report that verifies our repairs. 

Contact Colonial Tool Group for Spindle Repair and Design in Windsor

If you need spindle repair in Windsor, contact us today or request a free quote. Our staff of engineers, assemblers and other experts will take on any challenge without hesitation.