Round Broaching Tools

Colonial Tool Group manufactures a large selection of round broaching tools for use in a variety of applications. Our products complement our broad manufacturing and repair capabilities to offer complete solutions for automotive, aerospace, defense and other organizations. We excel at meeting our clients' expectations to turn around complex projects on tight timeframes. Count on us for high-quality products and ongoing support for all of your machining needs.

Round Broach Applications

Broaches provide manufacturers with the ability to remove material from inside a previously machined cut. As the name implies, round broaches are capable of precision broaching on previously drilled or reamed holes. They generate a precise, clean hole that is easy to work with. The process is fast and accurate, allowing you to turn around a large volume of pieces with a high degree of predictability.

About Our Round Broaches

Colonial Tool Group holds a unique patent (US #4850253) for round broach manufacturing. Using sophisticated CNC machinery, we can maintain hole size tolerances of +/- .005 mm, with a .4 micrometer finish. Products range from 6 mm to 300 mm in diameter, and up to 2600 mm in overall length.

We perform all work in our three main facilities. Over 100,000 square feet of total working space allows us to turn around any order quickly without compromising accuracy. We also perform all heat treating in-house, further expediting the process and giving our engineers additional quality control oversight. For more information about our technical capabilities or to request a no-obligation quote, contact a representative today.

Round Broach Repairs

In addition to our manufacturing expertise, Colonial Tool Group can provide round broach sharpening and repair services to help you maintain your tooling investment. We can sharpen, regrind and repair aging broaches, effectively restoring them close to their original condition and adding years of additional life.

The process begins with a complete inspection and measurement of your broach's dimensions. We attempt to preserve as much of the original stock as possible while repairing any damage found by our team. We then straighten and deburr the tool and perform a series of final inspections and tests to confirm the results of our work.

In most cases, the process takes 24 hours or less. To keep downtime to a minimum, we can arrange fast shipping to and from your location. We can also rush orders, if necessary.

Other Round Broach Services

Additional round broach repair services we offer include heat treating, annealing, and cold and cryogenic treating, among others. We also provide mechanical stability testing, vibration analysis and round broach machine auditing. We are highly flexible and take the time to understand the specifications of your industry, including any technical or regulatory requirements you have.

From there, we can adapt our services accordingly to provide customized services that help you succeed.

About Colonial Tool Group

Colonial Tool Group’s roots date back to 1929. We have a long history of delivering excellent service and value for our customers. Your initial quote for any project is always free. To get started, visit our Contact Us page to reach out to a representative near you.