Omlat Spindle Repairs and Rebuilds

Omlat manufactures a wide range of precision electrospindles for milling, grinding and a number of other manufacturing processes. Omlat is known for innovation, leading to tools that offer versatility, accuracy and high-production performance.

If there’s a problem with your Omlat spindle, Colonial Tool Group can help. We have extensive repair and rebuild capabilities that allow us to add years of life to spindles by all leading manufacturers. Contact our office to learn more about your Omlat machine tool repair options.

Convenient Repairs for All Omlat Spindles

Colonial Tool Group maintains a state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility in Windsor, Ontario. We can quickly turn around Omlat CNC machine spindle repairs for clients throughout North America – a convenient drop-off point across the river in Detroit makes getting your machine to us fast and economical.

If shipping your  Omlat spindle to us isn’t an option, we can provide on-site repairs throughout Michigan, southern Ontario and beyond. Call our office directly for more information. 

Omlat Spindle Repair and Rebuild Options

Our technicians perform extensive testing and diagnostics on all Omlat spindles – as well as a full teardown and cleaning – to provide an accurate estimate and repair plan outlining all the work that needs to be completed. Often, the best way to repair a worn or damaged Omlat spindle is to rebuild it from the ground up. If a full rebuild isn’t required, however, we can replace or repair your Omlat spindle’s motor, bearings or other individual components. As part of your free quote, we will go over your options in detail to help you make an informed decision. 

Testing and Inspections

Every Omlat electrospindle repair or rebuild begins with a comprehensive inspection of the damaged tool. This includes:

·         A visual inspection of the assembled unit’s motor, axis, shaft, housing, bearings and other components for signs of deformity and other wear

·         Bench testing, including IRD vibration analysis, encoder reading verification, tooling runout measurements and pull-force assessments

·         A thorough disassembly and cleaning of your Omlat spindle to inspect the bearings and other hardware, and determine the cause of the issue

Following the above, our technicians will know enough to put together an accurate initial estimate. We will then price out and order parts, or perform any repairs as necessary. To ensure exceptional quality control, the final assembly is always performed by the same team member who took apart your Omlat spindle initially. 

Benefits of Rebuilding an Omlat Spindle

There are many reasons why a manufacturer will choose to rebuild an Omlat spindle instead of replacing it with a new unit. Rebuilding gives you a product that’s comparable to new at a fraction of the price. In fact, performance can often be upgraded by modifying the unit’s engine or tooling. All our rebuilt spindles are backed by a one-year warranty for additional peace of mind. We also document all work as it’s being done, so you know you are getting everything you paid for.

Whether it’s a repair or a complete rebuild, we can provide service to keep your Omlat spindle working its best. To learn more about your options, please contact a Colonial Tool Group representative directly.