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Colonial Tool manufactures, repairs and rebuilds all types of Machine Tool Spindles: CNC Machine Spindles, Motorized Spindles, Multi Drill and Tap Head, Box and Cartridge spindles, Gear Driven Spindles, Belt Driven Spindles, Cluster Spindles, and any Specialty Spindles.

We are a custom-build house with engineering and complete manufacturing of all machine tool spindles, CNC spindles and more. We offer 24-hour service with fast and reliable turnaround to minimize downtime.

Our operations have been around since before computerized numerical control (CNC) machinery, providing us with a historical look at machine tool spindles from their birth. Automated machining allows companies like yours to perform drilling, deburring, milling, slotting and much more through the use of specialty machine and boring spindles.

Colonial Tool engineering experts have helped push molds and dies smaller to create more precise machined parts, plus build boring and gear spindles with the high rotational speed needed to drive more advanced cutting tools. With satisfied customers across the continent, we’ve become a leader in the development, supply and manufacturing of machine tool spindles for nearly every industrial setting.

Our capabilities as a machine spindle manufacturer allow us to build:

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Who We Serve

Some of our spindle customers are Ford, GM, Chrysler, CAT, Cummins, MAG, Comau, Ingersoll Production Equipment, Linamar, Red Viking, Raven Engineering, Cell Con, large and small machine houses and die shops.

We engineer each and every machine tool spindle to achieve the maximum possible rigidity, while meeting or exceeding the speed capability required for the application. Wherever you see a CNC spindle or specialty spindle carrying an RAS tag, rest assured that you get the absolute best performance in quality and reliability.

Machine Tool Spindle

Everything You Need to Know About Spindles

A spindles primary function is to hold and rotate cutting tools for various machining applications. We develop motorized spindles to meet a wide range of needs and meet different performance standards. Typically, spindles, both standard and specialty spindles, can be grouped into three broad categories that can guide purchasing decisions for businesses like yours:

  1. Belt-driven spindles represent cost-effective solutions that will work with specialty equipment and applications. Belt-driven spindles typically provide a lower cost option.
  2. Air-driven spindles provide some of the longest spindle lives and are easy to cool through both air and oil-mist options, which works for most industrial settings.
  3. Electric spindles represent the latest innovations, bringing the highest speeds, angle flexibility, power output and optimal use of torque.

Custom and standard spindle applications such as cluster spindles that rely on belt-driven motors are also available.

You’ll often hear about cartridge spindles that use a cylindrical design for the best mounting as a boring spindle. Cartridges allow for easy transition and changing of machine spindles to minimize the downtime required to shift operations. Typically, they can work with almost any motorized spindles.

Block spindles are flat-mounted units with bearings in the block itself, giving you a higher rigidity though a slower shifting of tools. Block gear spindles need to have the entire unit removed to switch spindles, and will need a tram when installed.


Common Spindle Applications

The thousands and thousands of machine tool spindles we’ve built over the years have ended up in almost every feasible application scenario. Understanding the common usage may also help you select the proper machine spindle for your operations, such as the needs or benefits for gear-driven spindles, belt-driven spindles and cluster spindles.

You can also contact Colonial directly to get fast answers to your questions, or a smart quote on your custom spindle development.

Different motorized spindles will perform well in different scenarios. These preferences can include:

  • Boring spindles: Operate efficiently in machines using integral engines for increased punch
  • Drilling spindles: Strong thrusting capacity and better radial load ratings
  • Grinding spindles: Provide grinding wheels with precision finishing, as well as size and surface finishing touches
  • Hobbing spindles: Specific spindles that cut gear tooth profiles
  • Milling spindles: Can support a wide range of cutting features into moldings and millwork, with some options for other machining tool operations
  • Tapping spindles: Create internal threading when used with taps
  • Tuning spindles: Facilitate the proper use of turning centers, as well as vertical and horizontal lathes
machine tool spindle

The Colonial Tool Story

Since 1921, Colonial Tool has produced hundreds of thousands of spindles. We’ve become a go-to machine spindle manufacturer for companies in Windsor, Guelph, Stratford, and throughout Ontario and Michigan. We are also the leading spindle manufacturer for various industries including aerospace, military, and automotive

Manufacturing excellence, combined with total capability, including metallurgical expertise with in-house heat treatment, enables application-specific materials use and treatments. Ultra-precise tolerances are routinely held, using state-of-the-art inspection equipment.

Over 85 years as a leading machine spindle manufacturer, RAS has stayed at the forefront of spindle technology. Engineered solutions optimized for all performance elements, coupled with customized proprietary designs, ensure world-class results.

With over 330,000 motorized spindles built, two manufacturing plants and customers in four continents, Colonial is capable and ready to handle any spindle project small or large.

Start Your Work With Us

Browse through our spindle pages. You’re almost certain to find something that will fit your application.

If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales department will gladly answer your questions. You can also call us toll-free at (866)-611-5119 to learn more about pricing options, machine spindle manufacturing capabilities and support or repairs for your OEM equipment.