Every time a tool, machine or spindle fails, it costs you time and money. Colonial Tool has made it our mission to prevent that waste and keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently with expert CNC spindle repair and other services.

We focus on what matters most for machined parts: Quality. As a leading machine tool spindle manufacturer, we’ve been helping our customers by reducing downtime, lowering their cost per piece, improving effectiveness and allowing for a smart investment to serve their operations for years.

Be sure to ask our experts about CNC broaching machines, machine spindles, broaching tools and all of your manufacturing needs.

Colonial Tool Group is one of the premier providers of broaching and spindle services throughout North America. We maintain the expertise, technology and knowledge to assist industries of all kinds.

Spindle Manufacturer

We design our spindles using a unique philosophy, as we focus on increasing the product's rigidity at operating speed, which heavily influences the productivity and accuracy of the tool. We will optimize the device from there to appropriately fit your project's specifications.

To complete this process, we will consider envelope size, speeds, lubrication, tooling loads and type of bearing to maximize rigidity, as well as to extend the product's life. We also customize your tool's seals to handle the projected workload, and we will use our unique lubrication process to reduce wear, dissipate heat and provide corrosion protection.

You can also choose from three sets of bearings to fit your needs, including angular contact bearings, double row taper bore roller bearings and taper roller bearings.

Premier Spindle Repair Service

We implement exhaustive knowledge and cutting-edge technology when we handle CNC and other spindle repair services. When you send your damaged or corroded tools to us, we will test them by going through our extensive 19-step process, which covers all the bases en route to pinpointing the problems. 

Our method will also help to determine if your spindles need a rebuild. We will disassemble them, take detailed pictures of the components and draft a detailed report of our findings to offer you the most transparent view into what's wrong and how we can fix it. We will search various outlets to find the best, most cost-efficient parts to fix your product up as necessary.

Broaching Tool Manufacturers

Our broaching tool services extend to meet a wide range of needs. You can select from many common types of broaches, including spline, round and helical. If you have unique needs that extend beyond industry standards, we also take special orders.

CNC Spindle Manufacturer And CNC Spindle


By manufacturing our CNC spindles, Colonial Tool can ensure you’re getting a proper tool that can meet all of the cutting and engraving jobs you have. Our patented technology allows Colonial to build ultra-precise equipment with orientation and rotation control, even at speeds of up to 60,000 RPM.

Machine spindles require sophisticated know-how for proper repairs. That means we’re able to turn manufacturing success and expertise into the right engineering to keep equipment and parts in tip-top shape. Reach out for any machine spindles and CNC spindle repairs.

Machine Spindle Manufacturer

Colonial tool manufactures, rebuilds and repairs machine tool spindles of all types and demands to ensure that your operations get back up and running right away. We offer 24-hour service with reliable turnaround and complete, in-house engineering and manufacturing to minimize your downtime.

Spindles for Every Industry

We manufacture and service spindles for a wide variety of industries including automotive, military, aerospace, and many more. At Colonial Tool we know that each machining process is unique and requires custom manufacturing and service to get the job done right.

Broach Tool And Machine Manufacturer

We offer a full line of CNC broaching machines and CNC equipment that covers needs from single and dual slide pull-down options, table-up options and standard surface broaching machines. We’re a leading broaching tool manufacturer, offering engineering of tools as small as 6mm to 300mm in diameter.

Broaching tools and broach sharpening have been core competencies for Colonial Tool for years. We’re a regional leader for all types of CNC broaching machine needs and that can include the development of the broaching tools you need or providing broach sharpening to keep you running smoothly.

Never settle for sub-par equipment again! Colonial Tool engineers and manufacturers all of our broaching and spindle tools — plus, we rebuild and repair the machines you’ll need to use them. We’ll meet your efficiency and capacity requirements with manufacturing quality that’s unmatched in our area, or anywhere else.

Company Profile

Colonial has been a world class manufacturer of broaching tools, precision spindles (precision rotating products), CNC broaching and special machines, work-holding fixtures, spline rolling/ cold forming racks, machine slides and advanced cutting tool systems.  

Colonial's facilities are international with locations in Canada, USA, and Mexico.  This provides an overall capacity of 100,000 sq.ft. filled with engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Press Release

Persistent investment, in our technology, products, and people, has provided consistent growth and revenue in excess of $25 million per year.

Colonial manages its costs and quality in the only way possible, with in-house control on design and build, including heat treatment and surface treatments of our products.

Recently adding Advanced Cutting Tools a well-known and experienced cutting tool systems manufacturer globally to our operation.

Colonial can service your company's demand with quality and efficiency in our total solution facilities.


Colonial has been in the machine tool business for almost 80 years.  It was initially established in 1929 as a division of Michigan Tool, but in 1954 it was purchased by the Ex-Cell-O Corporation.  Thirty-two years later, in 1986, it was acquired by Textron and ultimately it became Colonial Tool in 1993.

What stands us apart from our competition is our process and attention to detail, customers will shop around but always end up in the same place. We do the job right the first time and it is our long lasting relationships with satisfied customers that have kept us in business for 80 years.



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